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posted Apr 16, 2011, 1:28 PM by Unknown user


33 years is an amazing amount of time to remain in any career. 33 years in the heavy metal business is frickin' INSANE! But Mr. GEOFF THORPE has done just that! As the mastermind of his band VICIOUS RUMORS, he has weathered every musical trend from the death of vinyl and the rise of grunge and nu-metal and kept on churning out top notch heavy metal on a regular basis. It was my pleasure to recently speak to Geoff about a number of subjects, including the fantastic new VR record "Razorback Killers", adapting to the tragic loss of former singer Carl Albert and the Grammies disrespecting Ronnie James Dio. It's a great interview you can read right HERE!
And thern we have the latest entries in the Wormwood Torture Chamber. Here's what's on tap this time:
GRAVEYARD                                                                         "Hisingen Blues"
KVELERTAK                                                                          "Kvelertak"
WOODEN STAKE                                                                   "Dungeon Prayers and Tombstone Serenades"
OMISION                                                                             "In The Shadow of the Cross"
ZOMBIEFICATION                                                                  "Midnight Stench"
XERATH                                                                               "II"
BEARDFISH                                                                          "Mammoth"