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posted Jul 17, 2021, 8:52 AM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jul 17, 2021, 8:53 AM ]


Dr. Mality here with a major announcement about the future of Wormwood. In two weeks, this version of the website, which we've been using for 11 years, will stop updating. The version of the platform we've been using will cease to exist so we will be moving to a new version. Wormwood will be getting a long overdue upgrade and change in appearance. For approximately one month, there will be no updates here. But have no fear! When the new version of the site launches, we will have tons of new material for you to check out, including a new interview I just secured with death metal maniacs NUNSLAUGHTER! Plus lots of other goodies yet to be revealed! All the material on this current version of the site will be archived, but will be easily accessible. I'm excited and a little nervous about this but it's long overdue. Further updates to follow...stay tuned!

This week, we turn the mike over to the esteemed LORD RANDALL, who brings us an interview with up and coming doom/stoner overlords SUNCROW! He speaks with guitarist BEN NECHANICKY about what drives this heavy riff machine. You can check the interview out HERE!

And here is this week's edition of the Torture Chamber for you to gnaw on...

WITCH CROSS                                                               "Angel of Death"

FLUIDS                                                                         "Not Dark Yet"

DISTRICT 97                                                                 "Screenplay"

GO AHEAD AND DIE                                                       "Go Ahead And Die"

UNGFELL                                                                       "Es Grauet"

HEXORCIST                                                                   "Evil Reaping Death"