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posted May 22, 2021, 9:13 AM by Mike Korn   [ updated May 22, 2021, 9:14 AM ]


This week I go deep into the catacombs of Houston, Texas to find heavy metal's #1 blood drinking frontman, JAMES RIVERA of HELSTAR! Otherwise known as "VAMPIRO", James has been one of metal's most distinctive presences for 30 years plus and has done more than anybody to bring the subject of vampirism into heavy music. There's a new HELSTAR EP out called "Clad In Black" so what better time to speak to Vampiro? He tells us where his vampire fascination got its start, the details behind an intriguing new tribute project he's working on and what the legacy of HELSTAR truly is. Grab your cross and garlic and find out more HERE!

IMPORTANT NOTE! I'm moving my physical address in a matter of days and in addition to the usual chaos that goes with that, I've also had to change my entire internet platform. So there will likely be a gap in updates of Wormwood. We also may have a couple of weeks of just Torture Chamber updates. This is all a lead up to the complete overhaul of Wormwood which will take place later this summer. So just be aware that there will be some quirks coming soon...

Now here's the latest Torture Chamber, which is all over the map and includes a visit from MICHAEL SCHENKER!

UNFLESH                                                                          "Inhumation"

NORDGEIST                                                                      "Frostwinter"

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP                                               "Immortal"

COSMO JONES' BEAT MACHINE                                           "Skeleton Elevator"

FUATH                                                                               "II"

GATEWAY (BE)                                                                   "Flesh Reborn"