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posted Apr 24, 2021, 9:38 AM by Mike Korn   [ updated Apr 24, 2021, 9:38 AM ]


We've got a very special interview for you Worm-fiends this time around. MIKE TIRELLI is one of the tireless voices of American heavy metal, having been in the scene for 30 years if not more. He's also a survivor of a decade-long battle with severe stomach cancer and having a complete gastrectomy. Despite this devastating obstacle, he sounds better than ever, which you can hear for yourself on "Face This Burn", the latest album of his band HOLY MOTHER. I had a great chat with Mike about his battle with cancer, the new HOLY MOTHER album and the involvement of his daughter Violet in the new album. It's one of the more inspirational interviews we've run and you can check it out HERE!

On the way: interviews with thunderous new thrash metal band STEEL BEARING HAND, Indian metal heroes AGAINST EVIL, metallic vampire JAMES RIVERA of HELSTAR and a massive look at cult film oddity "Winterbeast". Working on more yet...

An extra big helping of Torture Chamber reviews on tap for this week!

POVERTY'S NO CRIME                                                                 "A Secret To Hide"

STEEL BEARING HAND                                                                 "Slay In Hell"

THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS                                                            "Silver Flames"

AGAINST EVIL                                                                             "End of the Line"

POOR GENETIC MATERIAL                                                            "Here Now"

ISCHEMIC                                                                                   "Ischemic"

LUCIFUGE                                                                                   "Infernal Power"

KARMA VIOLENS                                                                          "Mount of the Congregation"

BODY VOID                                                                                 "Bury Me Beneath the Rotting Earth"