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posted Apr 3, 2021, 9:01 AM by Mike Korn   [ updated Apr 4, 2021, 3:01 AM ]


LORD RANDALL travels to the crypts of Italy this week to hobnob with GIOVANNI PIAZZA of the foreboding funeral doom cult FUOCO FATUO. This is a band that crafts their odes of despair very carefully and craftily and doesn't squirt out a release every 10 months like so many do. But right now they've released a new monolith called "Obsidian Katabasis". Randall tries to find out the secrets of this black slice of doom, which are revealed HERE...

Some more exciting new to report! I've managed to interview heavy metal's #1 vampire, JAMES RIVERA of the legendary HELSTAR and many other bands! I kept my cross and garlic close as I conducted this one. Coming up soon! Also, I took a side trip to India, to speak to their fast rising metal tigers AGAINST EVIL! So those are two new Worm-events you can look forward to!

This week's Torture Chamber ranges from street level hardcore to witchy ritual music to blistering black thrash!

NEKROMANTHEON                                                   "Visions of Trismegistos"

WHEEL                                                                    "Preserved In Time"

CULTED                                                                   "Nous"

GOD'S HATE                                                             "God's Hate"

SATARAY/ZANIA MORGAN                                          "Argypoeia"

CARNAL SAVAGERY                                                   "Fiendish"