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posted Mar 20, 2021, 9:13 AM by Mike Korn   [ updated Mar 20, 2021, 9:13 AM ]


Saint Louis, Missouri, is an unlikely location for necromancy and other wizardly pursuits, but don't tell that to SUMMONING THE LICH! This new death metal band is inspired by unearthly creatures, magical beings and the roll of a polyhedral die. Yes, they are heavily influenced by Dungeons & Dragons on their debut album "United in Chaos" and aren't afraid to admit it. That makes THERON MOORE the perfect guy to interview them, because he knows something about D&D himself. He speaks to DAVE BRUNO about the rise of this undead entity and the fantastic concepts behind the band.  Strap on your sword and prepare to find out more HERE...

Some good news to report. You already know that THRASH-HEAD is back in action after a long layoff. Now another prodigal son has returned to Wormwood...THE GREAT SUN JESTER! You can expect to see some new material from him soon! Welcome back to the fold...

The wait is over! This week's edition of the Torture Chamber is up and running!

NACHTIG                                                     "Die Stille Wald"

AVALAND                                                     "Theater of Sorcery"

COFFIN MULCH                                             "Septic Funeral"

BAND OF SPICE                                            "By the Corner of Tomorrow"

MISS LAVA                                                   "Doom Machine"

KJELD                                                          "Ofstan"