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posted Feb 20, 2021, 9:03 AM by Mike Korn   [ updated Feb 20, 2021, 5:22 PM ]


Here is the return of an annual Wormwood tradition! Each writer compiles a list of what they thought the Top 10 releases of the past year was and we post them. This year the cursed year of 2020 has its turn. These lists are wide open, with no restrictions, so there are quite a few surprises in store. Below I will present the #1 of pick of each writer...you can find the rest HERE!

DARK STARR                                                        BLUE OYSTER CULT                                  "The Symbol Remains"

THERON MOORE                                                   (tie) GLACIER & THRUST                           "The Passage of Time"   "Helm of Awe"

DR. ABNER MALITY                                                HAVUKRUUNU                                         "Uinuos Syomein Sota"

COLONEL ANGUS                                                  (tie) ARMORED SAINT & FATES WARNING  "Punching the Sky"         "Long Day Good Night"

THOR                                                                   R.A. THE RUGGED MAN                             "All My Heroes Are Dead"

LORD RANDALL                                                     ENSLAVED                                               "Utgard"

OCTOPI MILLS                                                      GELDRUM                                                 "Medieval Campfire Tales"

ANATHEMA DECREE                                               MAQUAHUITL                                            "At the Altar of Mictlampa"

Some more news for you! Busy THERON MOORE tells me he has grabbed interviews with 2 exciting underground bands....black/death horde SARCOPTES and the gaming obsessed death metallers SUMMONING THE LICH! Not to be outdone, LORD RANDALL has managed a chat with mysterious funeral doom unit FUOCO FATUO! Plus we've got my talk with THE QUILL and DARK STARR's interview with ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE on the way. Next I will also tell you about a major change coming to Wormwood later this year...

And of course, we also have a new slate of Torture Chamber reviews for you to devour...

SUMMONING THE LICH                                                    "United in Chaos"

NERVOSA                                                                        "Perpetual Chaos"

CORONARY                                                                      "Sinbad"

FROZEN SOUL                                                                 "Crypts of Ice"

THE ADOLESCENTS                                                          "Russian Spider Dump"

SAGENLAND                                                                    "Oale Groond"

AETHYRICK                                                                     "Apotheosis"

OREANMOS                                                                     "Into the Night"

SADISTIC DRIVE                                                             "Anthropophagy"