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posted Jun 18, 2010, 8:21 PM by Unknown user
A maniac's work is never done! The Good Doctor is busy filling up the Wormwood Archives and adding new meat for you hungry Wormfiends. Meanwhile, Scary Dan and Psycho Sam are working hard to get the technical aspects of the new Wormwood Chronicles ironed out. In just a day or so, you'll be able to find the site by putting in www.wormwoodchronicles.com just like before!
In the meantime, I have now posted Earthdog's penetrating interview with guitarist Gaz Jennings of the towering British doom-lords CATHEDRAL in the Interview section. Lotsa good stuff lies therein, especially if you're a fan of DOOOOM or oddball prog rock. In addition, there are six new reviews in the Torture Chamber. Take special note of the DIABOLIC review...this marks the first Wormwood contribution of the mighty THOR! When not busy crushing mortals as the drummer of FOGCRAWLER or SWALLOWED WHOLE, Thor will now be spreading his wisdom for you humanoids here. Look for more from him...and keep an eye out for more new Wormwood contributors coming soon!
Here's the latest reviews:
DIABOLIC                                 "Excisions of Exorcisms"
THE VISION BLEAK               "Set Sail For Mystery"
THE WIZAR'D                          "Pathways To Darkness"
BLAZE BAYLEY                       "Promise and Terror"
SKYFORGER                              "Kurbads"
KISSIN' DYNAMITE                 "Addicted To Metal"
Later this weekend, I should have a new edition of Wormwood Files up...this one dealing with MAN-EATING PLANTS! And I ain't talking "Audrey II"! Watch for it!