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posted Feb 6, 2021, 8:56 AM by Mike Korn   [ updated Feb 6, 2021, 4:38 PM ]


This week we feature one of the most unusual interviews I've conducted in the 20 year + history of Wormwood. I speak to the mysterious death metal band EXIMPERITUS from the nation of Belarus. I have no idea who the individual members of the band are and indeed that is by design, because you will learn that Belarus is a land fighting for freedom against a brutal dictator. The band speak candidly about the difficult conditions there. And they also talk about the vast cosmic ideas behind their latest brilliant album "Sahrartu", ideas which reach deep into the ancient civilizations of the past. It's a fascinating and mind-bending chat which you can sample HERE...

And now for some exciting news. Our resident prog mastermind DARK STARR has gotten an interview with the founder of the greatest prog band in history, JON ANDERSON formerly of YES! It's been 20 years since we last talked to Jon, so there's a lot of new ground to cover. Not only that, but STARR has also gotten a chat with space rocker supreme SCOTT HELLER of ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE, a longtime Wormwood favorite. In addition, I can confirm my own interview with Swedish hard rock mavens THE QUILL! There's lots of other stuff in the works which we will continue to update you on. And very shortly we'll have the first Top 10 lists since WC has gotten back in action!

And now, here's an extra big helping of Torture Chamber madness for your consumption....

DREAD SOVEREIGN                                                                "Alchemical Warfare"

ASPHYX                                                                                 "Necroceros"

ABIGOR                                                                                 "Totschlager" (A Saintslayer's Spellbook)

BLOODY HAMMERS                                                                 "Songs of Unspeakable Terror"

SEPULCROS                                                                            "Vazio"

EVANGELIST                                                                           "Ad Mortem Festinamus"

KALIGULA                                                                              "Doctrination of Atisamdha"

EWIGKEIT                                                                               "Depopulate" EP

ABYTHIC                                                                                "Dominion of the Wicked"