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posted Dec 28, 2020, 6:25 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Dec 31, 2020, 8:41 PM ]


The holiday season is upon us and while that is usually a cause for dismay amongst us misfits at Wormwood, not all is lost! We are happy to present my interview with Germany's sci-fi power metal legends IRON SAVIOR! I speak to the longtime captain of this mighty vessel, PIET SIELCK, who tells us why it's so important to have the band's positive vibes during the Pandemic, how a band member's health crisis motivated them and how the latest SAVIOR album "Skycrest" came about. Beam aboard for this critical debriefing HERE!

The next couple of weeks will likely feature Torture Chamber updates and not much more, but that means we will be back at it twice as hard in 2021. LORD RANDALL tells me he's gotten an interview with the unique dark metal outfit CARDINAL WYRM so that's something new to look for!

Speaking of the Torture Chamber, the latest edition veers from depressing downer blues to ripping black metal to tech-death insanity...

GORATORY                                                      "Sour Grapes"

VOLUR                                                            "Death Cult"

EN MINOR                                                       "When the Cold Truth has Worn Its Miserable Welcome Out"

THE DEVIANT                                                  "Rotting Dreams of Carrion"

3000 AD                                                          "The Void"

PREZIR                                                            "Degredation"