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posted Dec 5, 2020, 9:33 AM by Mike Korn   [ updated Dec 5, 2020, 9:33 AM ]


It was a great pleasure for me to speak with one of the most talented men to ever appear in Wormwood, Mr. ALBERT BOUCHARD. Best known as a long time drummer for BLUE OYSTER CULT, but that only scratches the surface of his creativity. With the late SANDY PEARLMAN, he created an immensely complex and surreal story featuring an alien character called IMAGINOS. BOC later did an album of that same name, but Albert was given no credit and the band's vision was much different that what he originally planned. Now he's released a solo album called "Re-Imaginos" that corrects that imbalance and I get to learn the long, fascinating story of how it came about. Plus we talk about some great stories from the past of THE CULT and much more in this lengthy discussion, which you can read HERE.

And of course, we also have the latest edition of The Torture Chamber, bigger and better than ever!

MONGREL'S CROSS                                                  "Arcana, Scrying and Revelation"

SODOM                                                                   "Genesis XIX"

MACABRE                                                                "Carnival of Killers"

VARIOUS ARTISTS                                                   "Vol. 4" (Redux)

DARK BUDDHA RISING                                            "Mathreyata"

SPEEDKILLER                                                          "Midnight Vampire"

WRECK-DEFY                                                           "Powers That Be"

KING PARROT                                                          "Holed Up In The Lair" EP

DISRUPTED                                                             "Total Death"

CARNATION                                                             "Where Death Lies"