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posted Nov 7, 2020, 9:35 AM by Mike Korn   [ updated Nov 7, 2020, 9:35 AM ]


We delve into the world of film this week at Wormwood Chronicles, with the redoubtable DARK STARR taking a look at the 21st century incarnation of the classic H.G. WELLS tale "THE INVISIBLE MAN". Does the story withstand an update to our modern world? Find out by getting Starr's take on it HERE. That's not all, he also looks at the film output of the unusual ADAMS FAMILY and their unique horror features "THE DEEPER YOU DIG" and "THE HATRED". This is a creative force you need to keep an eye on. Find out more about these films and their creators HERE.

In other Worm-ian news, look for an new interview with the strange rural horror-folk outfit COUNT BEETLE, as I talk to mastermind TEDDY HORSE about this hard to describe project and their supernatural influences...

We've got an extra sized edition of the Torture Chamber for you this time around!

VENOMOUS CONCEPT                                                             "Politics Versus The Erection"

CONVULSE                                                                             "Deathstar"

LEVIATHAN (SWE)                                                                  "Formorkelse"

SKELETHAL                                                                            "Unveiling the Threshold"

FATES WARNING                                                                    "Long Day Good Night"

WITCHWOOD                                                                         "Before the Winter"

LORD ALMIGHTY                                                                     "Wither"

SKELETOON                                                                            "Nemesis"

UNDEATH                                                                                "Lesions of A Different Kind"