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posted Oct 29, 2020, 8:12 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Oct 29, 2020, 8:12 PM ]


This time around, LORD RANDALL makes the ground rumble as he speaks to fast rising instrumental doom metal mavens SEISMIC! And he actually chats with all three members of the band, who come from a unique background of non-doom genres like hardcore punk. Find out how tragedy inspired their band, the inspiration they get from H.P. LOVECRAFT and if they will continue down that path and the unusual challenges of being in a heavy instrumental band. This is a name you will surely be hearing more from later, so make sure you are securely planted on the ground and read on right HERE!

We will be having a second interview with the eclectic Finnish death metal collective known as CONVULSE appearing here soon. That will be joining a dizzying selection of interviews that include film-maker WILLIAM GREFE, power metallers GLACIER and former BLUE OYSTER CULT drummer ALBERT BOUCHARD. Plus some cool film reviews and more goodies yet to be revealed.

This week's Torture Chamber is also one surreal smorgasboard, as you shall soon see...

WHITE DOG                                                         "White Dog"

BLUE OYSTER CULT                                              "The Symbol Remains"

NOT MY GOD                                                       "Not My God"

LIK                                                                     "Misanthropic Breed"

HELION PRIME                                                     "Question Everything"

APOCRYPHAL REVELATION                                    "Primeval Devilish Wisdom"