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posted Oct 23, 2020, 9:20 AM by Mike Korn   [ updated Oct 23, 2020, 9:20 AM ]


This week we have some new reviews in the Torture Chamber as always, but wanted to let you humanoids know about some of the other things we're working on here. Just finished working on my interview with maverick film-maker WILLIAM GREFE and what a cool and amazing chat that turned out to be. So much so that I will almost certainly be doing more with him later on to get some more stories from the wild and woolly swamps of Florida. The ALBERT BOUCHARD interview has also turned out to be a gem and will have a lot of tidbits for fans of BLUE OYSTER CULT. And I can let you know about a couple of more interviews on the way. LORD RANDALL has spoken to instrumental doom masters SEISMIC and THERON MOORE has got something with long-running melodic metal specialists GLACIER. There's even more, but I want to make sure those items are done and in the bag before I announce them. So despite this being a "slow" week, there's plenty going on!

Now, let's go down those dungeon steps and enter the dank confines of the Torture Chamber...

HANOVER FIST                                                    "HF III"

NIGHTMARE                                                        "Aeternam"

THE TROOPS OF DOOM                                        "The Rise of Heresy"

FORETOKEN                                                        "Ruin"

REPUKED                                                            "The Dawn of Reintoxication"

IN MALICE'S WAKE                                              "The Blindness of Faith"