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posted Oct 19, 2020, 5:03 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Oct 19, 2020, 5:03 PM ]


The dark science fiction of the past has become the reality of 2020. Who better to chronicle the ongoing collapse than an industrial metal juggernaut like Arizona's REALIZE? This trio from the desert have revived a sound that hasn't been properly done in a while...the merger between the merciless crush of extreme metal and the relentless beatdown of pure industrial. On their new album "Machine Violence", REALIZE become the cyber-terrorists of a grim new age. Find out the history of the future from songwriter/techno-assassin KYLE KENNEDY...download begins HERE!

Some interesting new news to report! In the past, I've written about guerilla grindhouse film-maker WILLIAM GREFE. Well, recently Mr. Grefe called me out of the blue and the result was I've got a huge interview with him you will soon read here. He's full of all sorts of entertaining stories about kicking sharks in the head, RITA HAYWORTH, being tied to the back of a racecar, WILLIAM SHATNER, and a whole lot more. That's not all...I also snagged a talk with former BLUE OYSTER CULT drummer ALBERT BOUCHARD, who is planning to release his own version of "Imaginos", the controversial BOC concept album. I also had a highly informative talk with him that you soon shall read. DARK STARR has got a couple of movie reviews on the way, for the modern version of "THE INVISIBLE MAN" and another film called "The Deeper You Dig". Next time around, I should have even more news to tell you about.

Since I'm in a long-winded mood, it only makes sense to have an extra long Torture Chamber this week as well!

THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX                                                      "Scorpio"

ENSLAVED                                                                          "Utgard"

BASMU                                                                               "Witchblood"

BANGLADEAFY                                                                    "Housefly"

VORACIOUS SCOURGE                                                        "In Death"

GOREPHILIA                                                                       "In The Eye of Nothing"

SOULWOUND                                                                      "The Suffering"

SUBTERRAEN                                                                      "Rotting Human Kingdom"

INDOCTRINATE                                                                   "Antilogos: Arcane Transmutation In the Temple of Flesh"