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posted Sep 15, 2020, 2:22 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Oct 3, 2020, 7:51 PM ]


We try something a little bit different this time at Wormwood. I interview a local wordsmith whose works span a whole lot of ground...including writing for us here at WC! The gentleman's name is GARY HILL. His new fiction book "The Homestead" is a gritty crime saga with a touch of the supernatural to it and it joins a whole bevy of short stories and novellas, most revolving around horror and science fiction. Not only is he producing fiction at a furious pace, but he also has headed up the eclectic music webzine MUSIC STREET JOURNAL for 20 plus years. And he's doing the SPOOKY VENTURES weblog as well. Find out what makes the guy tick and how he keeps it all coming right HERE.

Several things on the horizon for us. I got an interview with the long-running Swiss extreme metallers MESSIAH's lead vocalist ANDY KAINA, so look for that soon. Plus DARK STARR informs me we'll be getting a look at ALL the cinematic adventures of that titanic tortoise of terror, GAMERA! And more is in the works...will let you know about it as soon as everything's set in stone.

Now let's dig into the madness of the Torture Chamber...

VOID ROT                                                             "Descending Pillars"

BYFIST                                                                 "In the End"

THE ORACLE                                                         "Hypogeum"

RESERVING DIRTNAPS                                           "Another Disaster"

ENTRY                                                                   "Detriment"

HOMICIDE                                                             "Left For Dead"

MANTICORA                                                          "To Live To Kill To Live"