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posted Sep 3, 2020, 5:42 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Sep 3, 2020, 5:43 PM ]


This week Wormwood focuses on a classic Chicago band as THERON MOORE interviews glam-slam masters DIAMOND REXX! They caught folks by surprise in the 80's with their "Land of the Damned" album that mixed punkish MOTORHEAD energy into CRUE-style sleaze rock! They are still pounding hard today and have just released an new album "Psych Ward". Theron talks to main man NASTI HABITS about the band's past and present...he's been the guiding force since the beginning. Grab your hair spray and check it out HERE!

Should have some announcements shortly about future projects so keep tuned in!

Now for an extra large helping of the Torture Chamber with a lot of eclectic stuff...

UNLEASH THE ARCHERS                                           "Abyss"

DROPDEAD                                                              "Drop Dead"

UADA                                                                      "Djinn"

WAMPIRVS SINISTRVS                                             "Blood of the Vampire"

GORGATRON                                                           "Pathogenic Automation"

DRAGHKAR                                                              "At the Crossroads of Infinity"

BURIED REALM                                                         "Embodiment of the Divine"

EXPANDER                                                               "Neuropunk Boostergang"

PROSANCTUS INFERI                                                "Hypnotic Blood Art"