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posted Aug 1, 2020, 9:55 AM by Mike Korn   [ updated Oct 3, 2020, 7:53 PM ]


HIGH SPIRITS is one of the many projects of "Professor" CHRIS BLACK. It's a band inspired by the hard rock and traditional metal of the late 70's and early 80's...one of the very best. I have a pow-wow with the esteemed Prof. and it's a freewheeling chat about the very nature of inspiration and creation. We also touch based with some of Black's other projects like PHARAOH, AKTOR and DAWNBRINGER. Hope you will check in on it HERE!

Speaking of interviews, I can also say that I was once again fortunate enough to talk to JOHN McENTEE of the nefarious INCANTATION, one of the msot influential death metal bands to ever exist. That's on the way, along with interviews with THRUST, SINISTER, DIAMOND REXX, GARY HILL and ENSHADOWED!

And now, amuse yourselves with the latest reviews from the infamous Wormwood Torture Chamber...

HOUSE OF LORDS                                           "New World-New Eyes"

SKELETON                                                      "Skeleton"

DROUTH                                                         "Excerpts From A Dread Liturgy"

INSATANITY                                                    "Hymns To the Gods Before"

PRECAMBRIAN                                                "Tectonics"

VILE CREATURE                                              "Glory! Glory! Apathy Took Helm!"