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posted Jul 16, 2020, 1:54 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jul 18, 2020, 8:10 AM ]


It's back to the Philm Phreaks section this week and also back in time to uncover the career of England's forgotten master of menace, TOD SLAUGHTER! Mr. Slaughter lived up to his name, with a robust career playing some of the most detestable villains and bloodthirsty killers in film history. Yet today his name is rarely spoken. We try to correct this injustice by looking at his fiendish history, which included playing Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Click HERE if you dare to read this fascinating bit of film history!

We can now add Dutch death metal maniacs SINISTER to our growing list of upcoming interviews! The list includes THRUST, HIGH SPIRITS, ENSHADOWED, and DIAMOND REXX as well. Expect an announcement on a new Wormwood Files article very shortly, too!

This edition of the Torture Chamber is all over the place, with bands of many kinds...

BLACK KNIGHT                                                       "Road To Victory"

HIGH SPIRITS                                                         "Hard To Stop"

GREEN CARNATION                                                 "Leaves of Yesteryear"

BEYOND DETH                                                        "Accept Your Fate"

CARDIAC ARREST                                                   "The Day That Death Prevailed"

XIBALBA                                                                "Anos En Infierno"