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posted Jul 11, 2020, 9:04 AM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jan 23, 2021, 8:18 PM ]


Our resident proggist DARK STARR has secured an interview with Tennessee's hard prog veterans GLASS HAMMER! He speaks to STEVE BABB about why the band has went for a harder edge on their latest album "The Dream City", the advanced fantasy concepts covered in the album and the effects of technology upon the creative process. Plus you get some insight into the influences of this long time band. It's a juicy chat you can sample HERE!

More in-depth interviews are on the way here at Wormwood! THERON MOORE has been working especially hard and will have chats with a couple of Chicago legends for us. First up are power/thrash heroes THRUST, fondly remembered for their classic anthem "Posers Will Die"! Following close behind are DIAMOND REXX, the heavy glam metal band notorious for their "Land of the Damned" album, amongst others. If this isn't enough, LORD RANDALL informs me he's grabbed an interview with Greek black metal maniacs ENSHADOWED! All coming up from Wormwood Chronicles!

A bruising edition of the Torture Chamber awaits your inspection!

DEFEATED SANITY                                            "The Sanguinary Impetus"

REALIZE                                                           "Demolition"

THUNDERMOTHER                                             "Heat Wave"

ULTHAR                                                            "Providence"

SECRETS OF THE MOON                                    "The Black House"

MIDNIGHT PRIEST                                            "Aggressive Hauntings"