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posted Jun 26, 2020, 7:01 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jan 23, 2021, 8:19 PM ]


Wormwood once again speaks to one of England's preeminent black metal bands, the noble WINTERFYLLETH! These sons of Albion have just released perhaps the finest record of their careers, "The Reckoning Dawn". I speak to CHRIS NAUGHTON about the roots of the album, the subtle changes in WINTERFYLLETH over the years and how doing an acoustic album helped them write the heaviest and most epic material they've done yet. You can join in on the chat by reading HERE.

Some news to report! I've nabbed an interview with multi-instrumentalist PROF. BLACK concerning the new album from HIGH SPIRITS! This guy has jabbed his fingers in a lot of pies over the years so I can promise an interesting conversation. The always busy THERON MOORE has secured an interview with traditional metal warriors STEEL ASSASSIN. Theron and I are both working on more material and we should have some announcements soon!

You wanted it and you got it! Another edition of the Torture Chamber to devour and consume...

WITCHSKULL                                                          "A Driftwood Cross"

SINISTER                                                               "Deformation of the Holy Realm"

PALE DIVINE                                                           "Consequences of Time"

SANCTIFYING RITUAL                                              "Sanctifying Ritual"

EPIC TANTRUM                                                        "Abandoned In the Stranger's Room"

MADHOUSE                                                             "Brain Dead"