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posted May 18, 2020, 4:36 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated May 18, 2020, 4:36 PM ]


This week the esteemed DARK STARR presents a tandem interview with two highly creative and prolific music makers: Mr. BERNIE SHAW, lead vocalist for URIAH HEEP, and Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist DALE COLLINS. These two gentlemen have put their talents together to create some unique sounds, with their most recent album being "Too Much Information". These fellows make for a lively conversation that covers a lot of territory, so dive right into it HERE!

LOTS of new Wormwood projects to tell you about! I grabbed an interview with the hardest-working bassist in the metal scene, Mr. MIKE LEPOND! Mike may be best known for his work in SYMPHONY X, but his solo band SILENT ASSASSINS just released a scorcher of an album entitled "The Whore of Babylon". Very cool gentleman to speak to! Also coming up: a much different kind of interview with the maniacal death metal pirates of Australia's CAULDRON BLACK RAM! As if that's not enough, I also spoke with Britain's proud black metal warriors WINTERFYLLETH. So lots of action coming up down the pike!

Now for our extra large trip into the depths of the Torture Chamber...

BLAZE OF PERDITION                                                 "The Harrowing of Hearts"

CIRITH UNGOL                                                           "Forever Black"

ELDER                                                                       "Omens"

THE WIZAR'D                                                             "Subterranean Exile"

MOTHER YETI                                                             "My Best Please"

WARBRINGER                                                             "Weapons of Tomorrow"

RAMLORD                                                                   "From Darker Waters"

CALLIGRAM                                                                "The Eye Is the First Circle"

SIGN OF EVIL                                                             "Psychodelic Horror"