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posted Feb 26, 2011, 9:17 AM by Unknown user
Somewhere beyond the world we know, a black sun rises in an ABYSMAL DAWN! I interview CHARLES ELLIOTT, the voice of one of the best death metal bands in the U.S., Abysmal Dawn. Charles reveals his thoughts on the future of mankind, the future of death metal and the future of Abysmal Dawn itself. It's an intriguing look at one of the more thoughtful bands in the extreme metal scene and you can read it right HERE!
Things to watch out for in the near future here at WORMWOOD: interviews with MACABRE, MEADS OF ASPHODEL, VICIOUS RUMORS, ROINIE STOLT and more, a live review of IMMORTAL playing in Chicago, some new additions to the PHILM PHREAK section, a complete list of WORMWOOD STAFF BIOGRAPHIES (grab the sick bags for that one) and the return of a pro wrestling column to Wormwood, this one focusing on various independent wrestling federations!
In the meantime, here's a juicy batch of Torture Chamber reviews for you to gnaw on. A pretty cool bunch this time, I must say...
JAG PANZER                                                                                                    "The Scourge of the Light"
BELPHEGOR                                                                                                     "Blood Magick Necromance"
SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY                                                                    "Navaz"
MACABRE                                                                                                        "Grim Scary Tales"
CLOVER SEEDS                                                                                                "The Opening"
TANKARD                                                                                                       "Vol (l) ume 14"