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posted Mar 13, 2019, 4:21 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Mar 13, 2019, 4:21 PM ]


Hello, humanoids! It's been a while. Yes, Wormwood Chronicles is still defunct, but the mind of Dr. Mality is always restless. I have two new projects to tell you about...

First, I have started a blog called DR. MALITY'S DUNGEON where I continue my favorite sport of reviewing oddball metal and underground musical releases. This is a much more restricted project than Wormwood, as I am the only person crazy enough to be involved in it. This little page will continue to bring you reviews in my usual voice... It's been up for a while now and includes reviews of heavy hitters like METAL CHURCH, OVERKILL and CANDLEMASS along with up and comers like FRENZY, ACCURSED SPAWN and ASTHMA CASTLE! Hop over to the Dungeon and see what I'm talking about...it's the spiritual successor to the Torture Dungeon that ran here at Wormwood for many years.

Speaking of Wormwood, I'm sure you fiends are familiar with the esteemed LORD RANDALL. Randall is now at the helm of a new webzine that I am happy to particupating in...REBEL XTRAVAGANZA ! This also follows in the time honored WC tradition of offering music reviews, interviews, even some horror themed articles but also featuring some of the latest news from the metal underground. You can consider it a Mality-endorsed sequel to Wormwood but featuring Randall's own unique perspective.

These two sites will keep the flag of Wormwood flying in new and different ways!