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posted Feb 20, 2011, 10:07 AM by Unknown user


Time for another new addition of the Wormwood Files and this time I examine one of the most bizarre murder mysteries in British history. Who or what killed Zigmund Adamski and left him on top of a coal mound 20 miles from where he disappeared? What happened in the 5 days between his disappearance and the discovery of his body. Where did he get those strange burns from? What were the strange events that connected him to UFO sightings in the area? Read my investigation HERE and see if you can figure it out!
BIG BREAK THROUGH IN THE WORMWOOD ARCHIVES! Our pro wrestling section "Over The Top Rope" is now complete and includes interviews with such grappling greats as OX BAKER, MAD DOG VACHON, NECRO BUTCHER and more! Plus, we now also have a complete "SPOUTING OFF" section...check it out for indescribable opinions and rants from Mort Poisson and Dark Starr! We're adding more material all the time and there are now over 1000 seprate entries you can browse through!
And, as always, we have new updates in the Wormwood Torture Chamber. Behold the latest additions...
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