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posted Oct 30, 2018, 4:32 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Oct 30, 2018, 4:32 PM ]


Well, friends and fiends, it is with a lot of regret and tons of soul searching that I announce that the Wormwood Chronicles will be coming to an end soon. 20 years is a hell of a run and beyond anything I could have imagined when I started the publication as a paper zine that I stapled together myself in my bedroom. It will be incredibly hard to leave behind. In the last couple of years, it's become evident that it is not quite reaching the goals I set for it and I don't want to have it deflate like a punctured balloon. It's tough delivering consistent results with a dwindling staff as well. When will Wormwood reach the end of the line? I foresee it ending at the end of December or perhaps early January 2019 at the most. I am seriously considering putting out some books that collect the best of the zine in a paper format and hope I can deliver this result. Until then, we do have quite a few reviews to put out as well as a few last features. The final article will be a history of Wormwood from first to last. This site will remain at its current location for a year and then it will be archived somewhere. Don't worry, a link will be provided.

I want to thank all those who took time to look at or read WC over the years. I know we touched some people all over the globe and helped many worthy bands get some well deserved coverage. THANK YOU, HUMANOIDS!

In the mean time....


DARK STARR heads to the Windy City of Chicago to interrogate a futuristic new force in music known as THE CYBERIAM! This band is composed to musical veterans who have worked with some of the biggest artists in the world. The Cyberiam resembles none of those, however, and creates a fusion of prog rock, heavy metal, industrial and space rock. Starr talks to mission commander KEITH SEMPLE to discover programming secrets of this unique band and the origin of the unit. Press HERE for full disclosure...

We also have a wide ranging Torture Chamber for you to explore this week....

DEADBIRD                                                                         "III: The Forest Within The Tree"

MASTER                                                                             "Vindictive Miscreant"

EXXXEKUTIONER                                                                "Death Sentence"

GRAVE DIGGER                                                                  "The Living Dead"

VISIONOIR                                                                        "The Wavering Flame of Oblivion"

WITCHTHROAT SERPENT                                                    "Swallow The Venom"

ALKYMIST                                                                         "Alkymist"

FOAMING AT THE MOUTH                                                   "Writhing"

THRASHBOMBZ                                                                 "Prisoner of Disaster"