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posted Oct 2, 2018, 4:09 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Oct 2, 2018, 4:09 PM ]


We have a very special edition of the Wormwood Files for you this week. It's rare that we actually take a field trip to a haunted location, but this time we picked a real doozy! DARK STARR joined me for a journey to what many consider the most haunted graveyard in the US, BACHELOR'S GROVE CEMETERY in suburban Chicago. This eerie little plot of land boasts more hauntings and paranormal occurences than you can shake a skull at! I take a look at the history of the cemetery and some of the more notorious haunts that have taken place there and then cover the details of our trip there. Starr took a ton of photos. Did we survive the trip or am I dictating this to you from beyond the grave? Read HERE and find out!

In other news, the Good Doctor managed to snag an interview with a death metal original, no less than PETE SANDOVAL of TERRORIZER and formerly MORBID ANGEL, the man who is considered the architect of the blast beat. Ol' Pete had a lot to say so get ready for that one.

Many distinguished visitors to the Torture Chamber this week, including CONAN, SATAN and even JESUS!!!

SATAN                                                                     "Cruel Magic"

CONAN                                                                    "Existential Void Guardian"

HYPERDONTIA                                                          "Nexus of Teeth"

FUTURE USSES                                                        "The Existential Haunting"

STONED JESUS                                                        "Pilgrims"

ABHORRENCE                                                          "Megalohydrothalassophobic"