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posted Aug 7, 2018, 4:13 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Aug 7, 2018, 4:13 PM ]


This is Wormwood's second go-round with DEATH-worshipping metal freaks GRUESOME! This time around, we hook up with vocalist/guitarist MATT HARVEY, who's also well known for his long service with goremongers EXHUMED. Gruesome is touting their new album "Twisted Prayers", which explores the "Spiritual Healing" era of Death. Matt was a great guy to talk to and we explore Gruesome's unique journey of tribute and experimentation. He's also quite a quick-witted dude so this one is more enjoyable than usual. Open the coffin and dig in HERE!

Coming soon will be COLONEL ANGUS' live review of ARMORED SAINT and ACT OF DEFIANCE, with tons of pictures included. We should also be getting an interview with instrumental horror-prog artists THE HORROR conducted by DARK STARR and more. Speaking of Dark Starr, he and i ventured into the infamous BACHELOR'S GROVE CEMETERY, one of the most haunted in the US, and that will be the subject of a new Wormwood Files.

Now for a dive into this week's Torture Chamber...

FAITHXTRACTOR                                                                    "Proverbial Lambs To The Ultimate Slaughter"

NEORHYTHM                                                                          "Zetetic"

WITCHSKULL                                                                          "Coven's Will"

DEATHGRAVE                                                                         "So Real It's Now"

DRAWN AND QUARTERED                                                        "The One Who Lurks"

SCIENCENV                                                                            "The Quest For Prester John, Volume 2"