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posted Feb 5, 2011, 2:22 PM by Unknown user
This week, the nefarious doom-master EARTHDOG has come down with a hacking COUGH and he wants to share it with all of you! Dog has got an interview with the monolithically morose and monumentally miserable masters of doom metal known as COUGH! These guys are crushing skulls and scorching souls with their sick new release "Ritual Abuse" on Relapse Records so this chat with PARKER CHANDLER comes at an opportune time for you humanoids. Get infected right HERE!
I'm now into the "H" section of archived Torture Chamber reviews. That means there are now OVER 800 REVIEWS for you to browse through. And more on the way all the time. By summer, I'm hoping this process will be complete. There will eventually be OVER 2000 items in the Archives!!!
And here are some more victims for the Torture Chamber! It's a strange bunch, this time. Check it out...
STAR ONE                                                                               "Victims of the Modern Age"
THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL                                                         "The Murder of Jesus The Jew"
BLIZARO                                                                                 "City of the Living Nightmare"
ATTACKHEAD                                                                          "Voices In the Darkness"
TUCK FROM HELL                                                                     "Thrashing"
WINDFAERER                                                                           "Tribus"
ABYSMAL DAWN                                                                      "Levelling the Plane of Existence"