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posted Jun 19, 2018, 4:11 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jun 19, 2018, 4:11 PM ]


Time once again for our annual look at one of the best metal fests in the U.S., NYDM SPRING BASH! This year saw not one but two new venues for the fest as well as four full days of mayhem! Your humble correspondent Dr. Mality was there for almost all of it and now brings you this massive report. Tons of acts were included this year, including ATROPHY, IMPIETY, HELSTAR, NASTY SAVAGE and even the venerable CIRITH UNGOL! Who blew the house away...and who blew, period? Lots of exclusive pics are included...you will never find a better review of this event. Get started right HERE!

LORD RANDALL recently visited the Swiss Alps, where he spoke to the ambitious and epic post-metal band ABRAHAM! That's another chat you can expect to read here before too long! I should soon have news on a MAJOR interrogation still to appear. Wormwood crawls ever onward...

A hefty dose of the Torture Chamber is now delivered unto you...

MICAWBER                                                    "Beyond the Reach Of Flame"

WITCHSORROW                                             "Hexenhammer"

HEILUNG                                                       "Ofnir"

SACROCURSE                                                "Gnostic Holocaust"

PRIMORDIAL                                                 "Exile Among The Ruins"

DEFIATORY                                                   "Hades Rising"

GHASTLY                                                      "Death Velour"

THE SLYDE                                                   "Awakening"

HEADS                                                         "Collider"