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posted Mar 20, 2018, 4:28 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated May 28, 2018, 2:06 AM ]


Prepare for a trip to the dark and lonely places of the world in search of one of man's oldest mysteries...PHANTOM BLACK DOGS! These spectral hell hounds are found throughout the world but particularly in remote areas of the British Isles. I, Dr. Abner Mality, turn my attention to the legend and bring it to life for you! Dsicover the many names of various Black Dogs, including BLACK SHUCK, and unearth some of their more notorious exploits! Is there an explanation for this mystical terror? Get ready to find out by reading this latest edition of the Wormwood Files!

I can announce that THE GIL-MAN has secured his first interview for Wormwood! He's met up with Chicago hard rockers HERO JR. and will be presenting us with the result of the chat soon! This joins a very busy schedule of upcoming interviews here at Wormwood!

This week's Torture Chamber reviews tended to be on the critical side. Open them up and see who got the brickbats! 

VIRVUM                                                                              "Illuminance"

MINISTRY                                                                           "AmeriKKKant"

SUMMONING                                                                      "With Doom We Come"

WHIPSTRIKER                                                                    "Merciless Artillery"

DJINN AND MISKATONIC                                                     "Even Gods Must Die"

ERDVE                                                                               "Vaitojilmas"