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posted Mar 6, 2018, 4:26 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Mar 6, 2018, 4:26 PM ]


This week we tread a solemn path into the land of epic doom as I interview APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE! This Indiana bandhas been producing some of the purest doom metal in the United States for several years now. Their latest opus "From Gold To Ash" is yet another feast for those who enjoy ponderous metal in the style of CANDLEMASS and SOLITUDE AETURNUS. I speak with drummer COREY WEBB to find out more of what motivates the band to play this type of music and if there is any chance of hope in their gloomy world. Cross your forehead with ash and delve into the darkness HERE!

Two more big announcements to make. The Good Doctor has snagged an interview with veteran bassist FRANK HEALEY of MEMORIAM! This band features members of  BOLT THROWER and BENEDICTION so prepare for a trip into the world of vintage death metal. One band certainly influenced by this tradition are Scottish d-beat black metallers SCUMPULSE and we'll be talking to them, too! EL CHIEF will be doing the honors there.

The mighty JUDAS PRIEST visits our Torture Chamber this week along with punk legends ANTISECT and more!

ANTISECT                                                       "The Rising of The Lights"

JUDAS PRIEST                                                 "Firepower"

HAMFERD                                                        "Tamsins Likam"

MONOTHEIST                                                  "Scourge"

TREEDEON                                                      "Under The Manchineel"

KNELT ROTE                                                    "Alterity'