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posted Dec 19, 2017, 4:25 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Dec 19, 2017, 4:25 PM ]


This week I turn my attention to one of America's most promising traditional metal bands, WILDESTARR. The core of this unique band is guitarist DAVE STARR and his wife the talented and beautiful LONDON WILDE. Their new album "Beyond the Rain" was constructed as a kind of tribute to London's brother Gary, a musician who succumbed to substance abuse. Dave has got a lot to say about that harrowing incident and how it affected the band. He also talks about why Wildestarr chooses to be a studio only band and stay where they're at. This is an interesting conversation with a band that should really be better known...you can sample it HERE!

The end of 2017 is at hand. Next year will be the 20th year of Wormwood's existence, so I hope to commemorate that in various ways. It also means that our notorious end of the year lists are on the way! One thing that I can tell you is that after being gone for most of 2017. the Wormwood Files section will be back in business. The subject of the first article will be the eerie history of the U-65, Germany's haunted U-Boat!

This week's Torture Chamber is markedly more melodic than the usual....

OPERATION: MINDCRIME                                                                            "The New Reality"

WILDESTARR                                                                                              "Beyond the Rain"

GAME OVER                                                                                                "Claiming Supremacy"

ATOLL                                                                                                        "Fallout Frenzy"

EUROPE                                                                                                     "Walk The Earth"

LADY BEAST                                                                                               "Vicious Breed"