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posted Dec 13, 2017, 1:37 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Dec 13, 2017, 1:37 PM ]


This week I take a look at an interesting local show known as SLAYFEST III. Held in the cozy confines of the Rock Hollow Gun Club, this event features performances from a diverse selection of bands including MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES, BLACKCAT MANOR and THE SIRENS ARE CALLING. Find out what keeps me coming back to this place every November HERE!

Also, I review a horror/science fiction anthology with some strong connections to Wormwood. This is DARK DREAMS & WEIRD WORLDS edited by GARY HILL and featuring contributions from BILL CAMP, KURT BELCHER, KEN LATEER and others. What's the assessment of this trippy tome? Click HERE and find out!

I am also stoked to announce that I have secured an interview with none other than STEVE TUCKER of the ground-breaking death metal behemoths MORBID ANGEL! Look for this heavy duty chat at WC soon!

Speaking of Morbid Angel, they are part of this week's Torture Chamber...

MORBID ANGEL                                                      "Kingdoms Disdained"

WITCHERY                                                             "I Am Legion"

NEGATIVEHATE                                                      "Solipsis"

AOSOTH                                                                "V: The Inside Scriptures"

DEAD QUIET                                                          "Grand Rites"

DESOLATE SHRINE                                                 "Deliverance From the Godless Void"