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posted Oct 3, 2017, 8:54 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Oct 3, 2017, 8:54 PM ]


We have talked to many metal bands here at Wormwood but none more metal than LORDS OF THE TRIDENT! They are the band that Manowar tells to turn down the volume! Hailing from all corners of time and space, but headquartered in Madison, WI, the Lords are becoming a force in the Midwest scene. Therefore, THERON MOORE ventured into their lair and conversed with lead singer FANG VON WRATHENSTEIN! The answers to his questions were about what you'd expect from a guy named "Fang Von Wrathenstein" and are wildly entertaining to read. Learn the storied history of this mighty bands and their plans for future conquest. Your experience begins HERE!

Yes, we do indeed have a new writer here at Wormwood Laboratories....welcome aboard, EL CHIEF! El Chief has already been hard at work for us. Not only has he produced a review of the new EXHUMED album which you can read below, but he's gone down to Antarctica and grabbed an interview with BLOTHAR THE BERSERKER, the replacement for the late, lamented ODERUS URUNGUS in GWAR! You can look forward to that down the road here. I'm also in possession of THRASH-HEAD's in-person review of the greatest metal fest of all, WACKEN 2017! We got his report on last year's edition and this year promises to be even bigger! There should be even more announcements in the weeks ahead!

As promised, here is this week's edition of the Torture Chamber, featuring the debut of EL CHIEF!

EXHUMED                                                                 "Death Revenge"

JAG PANZER                                                             "The Deviant Chord"

ARGUS                                                                     "From Fields of Fire"

ENSIFERUM                                                              "Two Paths"

RIG TIME!                                                                 "War"

DROWNING THE LIGHT                                              "Varcolaci Rising"