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posted Sep 13, 2017, 7:22 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Sep 13, 2017, 7:23 PM ]


If for some reason you didn't get enough BLUE CHEER with last week's interview with the late great DICK PETERSEN, we've got even more for you this week! Once again, THERON MOORE does the honors and this time talks to none other than DUCK MCDONALD. If anything, this interview is even more of a blast to read, as Duck talks honestly about Dick's last days, who actually owns the Blue Cheer name, his run-ins with famous names like GRACE SLICK and MANOWAR's ERIC ADAMS and even his time with the notorious SHAKIN' STREET, including his story about the infamous Milwaukee riots at the BLACK SABBATH/BLUE OYSTER CULT show in 1980! It's a fun and fascinating interview sure to keep you entertained and you can sample it right HERE!

Things are finally beginning to pick up at Wormwood laboratories! I've managed to grab an interview with the recently reformed power metal legends JAG PANZER in addition to my DYING FETUS chat. Always a busy boy, Theron tells me he has traveled beyond time and space to speak to Wisconsin's masters of over the top fantasy metal, LORDS OF THE TRIDENT! I'm also going to take a stab at a new film article about low budget wizard DEL TENNEY, who created the "Horror at Party Beach" amongst others. This is in addition to a live report on Europe's notorious WACKEN festival and some other goodies in the works!

Some very familiar names pop up in this week's edtion of the Torture Chamber...look and see!

ACCEPT                                                           "The Rise of Chaos"

BYZANTINE                                                      'The Cicada Tree"

HIDEOUS DIVINITY                                           "Adveniens"

HORRIFIED                                                       "Allure of the Fallen"

PARADISE LOST                                                "Medusa"

ZAUM                                                               "Eidolon"