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posted Jul 25, 2017, 5:19 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jul 25, 2017, 5:19 PM ]


PRONG and its mastermind TOMMY VICTOR have been part of heavy music history for 30+ years so it's an honor to welcome them to the pages of Wormwood. Rarely have I spoken to such an interesting and thoughtful man as Tommy. In this interview, we talk about all manner of subjects with brutal honesty...the meaning of the new "Zero Days" record, the craziness of political correctness, the overwhelming presence of noise in daily life...and a whole lot more! Even if you don't know that much about Prong, this is a real intriguing conversation and one of the best I've had over the almost 20 year course of Wormwood. Find out what I'm talking about by clicking HERE!

Another strong edition of the Torture Chamber is also on tap this week, including a review of the previously mentioned "Zero Days" and a lot of other good stuff!

GOD DETHRONED                                                      "The World Ablaze"

PRONG                                                                      "Zero Days"

WARRANT                                                                  "Louder, Harder, Faster"

SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER                                            "Generation of Terror"

AVERSIO HUMANITATIS                                               "Longing For The Untold"

M.O.D.                                                                       "Busted, Broke & American"

QRIXKUOR                                                                 "Incantations From The Abyss"