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posted Jul 18, 2017, 4:09 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jul 18, 2017, 4:10 PM ]


Our travels take us this week to sunny Southern California, where we encounter a relatively new band taking the area by storm...MADROST! These guys play a kind of classical "thinking man's death metal" full of clever time changes and rocksolid riffs. I was so impressed by their recent effort "The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh" that I immediately got a hold of vocalist/guitarist TANNER POPPIT for a chat. He had some surprising answers for me, which you can read HERE.

After a week with no updates, we've got some powerful new entries in the Wormwood Torture Chamber this time around!

DYING FETUS                                                     "Wrong One To Fuck With"

BEASTMAKER                                                     "Inside The Skull"

ICED EARTH                                                       "Incorruptible"

DECAPITATED                                                    "Anticult"

FOSCOR                                                            "Les Irreals Vision"

ENISUM                                                            "Seasons of Desolation"