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posted Jan 2, 2011, 1:36 PM by Unknown user
The spirit of true epic metal is rising from the murky deeps like a mighty leviathan and WORMWOOD CHRONICLES is there to chronicle it! The durable Doom-Master EARTHDOG interviews Germany's ATLANTEAN KODEX, a band dedicated to reviving the sound made popular by the likes of Manowar, Candlemass, mid-period Bathory and other classic metal bands. Dog speaks to guitarist MANUEL TRUMMER about their new masterpiece "The Golden Bough", it's relation to the mythological books of Sir James Frazier, the band's debt to Tolkien and their strong views on what makes a true metal band. Read this fascinating interview RIGHT HERE!
The first Torture Chamber reviews of 2011 are now in and you can find them below:
BLACK SLEEP OF KALI                                                                                "Our Slow Decay"
ROSS THE BOSS                                                                                       "Hailstorm"
BUGGIRL                                                                                                 "Dirt In The Skirt"
GOD DETHRONED                                                                                      "Under the Sign of the Iron Cross"
DEAD NEON                                                                                             "Dead Neon"
DUKATALON                                                                                            "Saved By Fear"
Speaking of 2011, I hope it brings Yours Truly better luck than 2010, which I can sincerely say was the worst year of my life so far. I am dedicated to keeping Wormwood going despite all obstacles and hopefully 2011 will bring us some great articles and real surprises!