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posted Feb 21, 2017, 4:58 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Feb 21, 2017, 4:59 PM ]


Let it never be said that Wormwood is afraid to do something different! This week we take a break from our usual skull-splitting fare to hang out with musical wizard PAUL RICHARDS from the world-famous CALIFORNIA GUITAR TRIO! DARK STARR does the honors with Mr. Richards and finds out what's been happening with the CGT lately. It's not often we get to talk to musicians with the kind of pedigree that Mr. Richards has so take advantage of the opportunity and see what he's got to say HERE.

Big news from The Good Doctor! Last Friday night I got to board a tour bus and hang out with one of my musical heroes in the ever-lovin' flesh...none other than BOBBY "BLITZ" ELLSWORTH from the grizzled thrash veterans OVERKILL! You'll get to read my interview with Blitz in just a few weeks! Also, the subject of the next PHILM PHREAKS article here will be the amazing life and career of one of Hollywood's great character actors, WILLIAM SMITH! More news should be forthcoming soon!

We got a "double wide" version of the Torture Chamber for you this week, so wear glasses to prevent eye strain!

WATCHTOWER                                                      "Concepts of Math, Vol 1"

IMMOLATION                                                        "Atonement"

PANZERFAUST                                                      "The Lucifer Principle"

ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE                                           "Among the Ruins"

WARCRAB                                                            "Scars of Aeons"

WITCHE'S BREW                                                   "Against The Grain"

EPOCH                                                                "Sancrosanct"

EARTH AND PILLARS                                              "Pillars 1"

INVERTIA                                                            "The Bidding of Tyrants"

GRAVEBREAKER                                                    "Sacrifice"