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posted Feb 14, 2017, 4:33 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Feb 14, 2017, 4:33 PM ]


I head to the forests of Finland this week to catch up with one of the fastest bands on the planet, RANGER! These cats play speed metal the old school way and they are turning a lot of heads with their relentless spikes-and-leather attack. I hook up with the charmingly named DIMI PONTIAC to find what I can about these metal demons. Are they as crazy about EXCITER as they seem to be? Is Finland really the metal capital of the world? And when is Ranger coming to America to break the speed limit? The answers to these and many more can be found HERE!

Some more news for you Worm-fiends! Expect a chat with Italy's monsters of brutal death, HOUR OF PENANCE soon! We can add that to talks with IMMOLATION and the CALIFORNIA GUITAR TRIO as well as my report on AAW Pro Wrestling. Many other things are in the works and are soon to be revealed!

Now for the Torture Chamber and the insanity you expect therefrom! 

KREATOR                                                                   "Gods of Violence"

HOUR OF PENANCE                                                      "Cast The First Stone"

FREEDOM CALL                                                            "Master of Light"

BATHSHEBA                                                                "Servus"

VOMIT ANGEL                                                              "Sadomatic Evil" 12"

FUNERAL STORM/CELESTIAL RITE                                   "Funeral Rite" Split

HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS                                               "Capture The Sun"