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posted Feb 7, 2017, 6:35 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Feb 7, 2017, 6:35 PM ]


Seems like only a few months have passed, but it is once again time for the annual Wormwood tradition! We now present each Wormwood writer's list of the TOP 10 RELEASES OF 2016! As usual, it's a wildly eclectic collection and to give you just a taste, here are the #1 picks for each Worm-scribe! You'll have to check out the actual article HERE for the entire lists!

SGT. DETH                                                   HELSTAR                                     "Vampiro"

DARK STARR                                                 ANDERSON/STOLT                        "Invention of Knowledge"

THERON MOORE                                             METALLICA                                 "Hardwired...To Self Destruct"

PROF. JOCKO                                                 DEVILDRIVER                             "Trust No One"

DR. ABNER MALITY                                         INQUISITION                              "Bloodshed Beyond the Empyrean Altar Across the Celestial Zenith"

COLONEL ANGUS                                            EVERGREY                                  "The Storm Within"

THOR                                                           MAGRUDERGRIND                        "II"

THRASH-HEAD                                               ASTRONOID                                "Air"

GREAT SUN JESTER                                        WRETCH                                     "Wretch"

LORD RANDALL                                              RUTS DC                                    "Music Must Destroy"

OCTOPI MILLS                                               AZAXUL                                      "The Fleshly Tomb"

Lots of big news this week! I managed to secure a tremendous interview with ROSS DOLAN of the death metal legends IMMOLATION! Ross and I had a great time on this one and this interview will be a lot of fun to read. Also, in a completely different vein, DARK STARR got an interview with PAUL RICHARDS from the long-running prof fusion act CALIFORNIA GUITAR TRIO! That should be something unique! Also working on a couple of other cool items that I can tell you about soon!

As if this isn't enough, we also have this week's regularly scheduled Torture Chamber reviews!

TERRIFIER                                                   "Weapons of Thrash Destruction"

BILL & PHIL                                                 "Songs of Darkness and Despair"

STEPHEN PEARCY                                          "Smash"

DISTANT SUN                                              "Into the Nebula"

MAZE OF SOTHOTH                                       "Soul Demise"

DAWNBRINGER                                             "XX"