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posted Oct 13, 2016, 4:26 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Oct 13, 2016, 4:26 PM ]


Enter the Church of the Snake and hear the sermon of RAGE this week at Wormwood Chronicles! I talked to the angriest vocalist in the world, THE HUMAN FURNACE, from mayhemic metal maniacs RINGWORM and try to find out why he's so pissed. The answers are interesting indeed and we also delve into his artistic background, including the cover of the latest Ringworm effort "Snake Church". Are things as bleak as they seem? Or can rays of hope be found in Ringworm's dark domain? Find out for yourself by reading our chat HERE...

In Wormwood news, we will have interviews with WRETCH, HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH and NUK'EM in the upcoming weeks, along with a report on the PROGPOWER Festival, a look at the MONSTERAMA drive-in and MONSTERFEST events, and much more. I can also divulge that the next Wormwood Files will be about recent sightings of the monstrous MEGALODON shark!

Wow, the latest Torture Chamber reviews are CRAZY diverse...where else are you gonna find epic prog, Southern rock, Norwegian black metal andAussiee riff rock all in the same place? 

COBALT                                                        "Slow Forever"

AIRBOURNE                                                  "Breakin' Out of Hell"

BLACKFOOT                                                  "Southern Native"

BAPTISM                                                      "V: The Devil's Fire"

EDENSONG                                                   "Years In the Garden of Years"

MERCYLESS                                                  "Pathetic Divinity"