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posted Sep 13, 2016, 5:23 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Sep 13, 2016, 5:23 PM ]


The central European country of Creepsylvania is dangerous at the best of times, but things are worse than ever now that political revolt has broken out and a dictator has seized control. I felt it was important for me to contact my old friend DIGESTOR from the hooded Creepsylvanian thrash freaks GHOUL to get an update on the situation. As usual, I found Digestor munching on a corpse and moshing to old Anthrax records, but he still had a lot to say about life in Creepsylvania these days. He also talked about the new Ghoul opus "Dungeon Bastards", hot sauce, Julia Child and Ed Gein. He has a rather dry sense of humor, does Digestor, and you can sample it yourself HERE!

Coming up soon: SOLOMON G's report on the enormous PSYCHO LAS VEGAS fest, CLASSIC CAMP gives us a run-down of the SUPER MONSTER-RAMA drive-in monster movie marathon, LORD RANDALL's interview with folk metal heathens FALLS OF RAUROS and now I can add an interview with Australia's master of devilish thrash metal, PETER HOBBS from HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH! And much more on the way!

Extra large servings of the Torture Chamber this week so expect no portion control here!

VICIOUS RUMORS                                                  "Concussion Protocol"

ABOMINANT                                                          "Napalm Reign"

VANISHING KIDS                                                   "Vanishing Kids" EP

DARK FOREST                                                        "Beyond the Veil"

VERWOED                                                             "Bodemloos"

LETHAL SHOCK                                                      "Evil Aggressor"

SCOUR                                                                 "Scour"

ADE                                                                     "Carthago Delenda Est"

IT'S NOT NIGHT: IT'S SPACE                                   "Our Birth Is But A Sleep and A Forgetting"