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posted Aug 30, 2016, 4:51 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Aug 30, 2016, 4:51 PM ]


The blitzkrieg has returned to the paged of Wormwood Chronicles as I once again hold peace talks with General TOM ANGELRIPPER from the mighty German war machine SODOM! It has been over 10 years since I spoke with General Angelripper and a lot of water (and blood) has flowed beneath the bridge since that time. This is a very personal interrogation with Tom, as he speaks candidly about his view of Germany during the D-Day invasion, his opinion on the subject of "canned hunts" and how long he thinks he will be leading Sodom into battle. There is also a very detailed analysis of the cover art on Sodom's latest album "Decision Day". He's even more open than he was during out last conversation so be sure to check out what he says HERE!

More news to report on what's coming for Wormwood Chronicles. The esteemed LORD RANDALL has secured not one but two very interesting interviews for us. First, he talks to one of metal's greatest minds, DAN SWANO, who is one of the most sought after producers in the genre and who has been a part of bands like EDGE OF SANITY, WITHERSCAPE, BLOODBATH and many, many more! Nice catch, Lord! His Lordship also headed into the Appalachian Mountains to speak with the epic folk black metal entity known as FALLS OF RAUROS! There are other cool things in the works that I will reveal in coming weeks...

Now for the latest entries into the Wormwood Torture Chamber, featuring bands from Russia, England and even Creepsylvania!

STEVE GRIMMETT'S GRIM REAPER                                          "Walking In The Shadows"

GHOUL                                                                              "Dungeon Bastards"

KATALEPSY                                                                         "Gravenous Hour"

THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL                                                        "Red Robes"

IRON FIRE                                                                          "Among The Dead"

MARSH DWELLER                                                                 "The Weight of Sunlight"