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posted Jul 20, 2016, 4:31 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jul 20, 2016, 4:31 PM ]


Your old pal Dr. Mality is pretty bushed after an incredible 3 day weekend at the METAL THREAT fest in Chicago! Finally got to see a phenomenal line-up of "legacy" bands like EXCITER, RAZOR and BULLDOZER! You can expect a full blow by blow report from me in the near future, with plenty of cool pics, but in the meantime, I got pretty toasted and so there is no "major" Wormwood story this week. We'l be back in the swing of things next week...not sure yet if we'll post my interview with THE OBSESSED or run a new Wormwood Files article on NO. 50 BERKELEY STREET in London! Guess we'll find out together!

I was able to work up enough energy to toss up this wildly eclectic collection of Torture Chamber review, featuring DEATH ANGEL, URIAH HEEP and DRAGONFORCE!

DEATH ANGEL                                                "The Evil Divide"

NERVOSA                                                      "Agony"

MORTILERY                                                    "Shape Shifter"

DRAGONFORCE                                               "Killer Elite"

GRIDFAILURE                                                 "Ensuring the Bloodline Ends Here"

URIAH HEEP                                                   "Totally Driven"

COMBICHRIST                                                 "This Is Where Death Begins"