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posted Nov 29, 2010, 4:22 PM by Unknown user
We have not one, not two, but THREE major league concert reviews for you this time around! Just goes to show that the eyes and ears of Wormwood are everywhere! First, check out COLONEL ANGUS' live report on the triumphant return of German metal meisters ACCEPT! Angus shot some absolutely amazing photos of this concert, only a few of which can accompany the article. We're putting together a gallery of the rest for later exhibit!
Also, I give a report on the recent Rockford show featuring WRETCHED, HAVOK, ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE and a whole passel of local favorites. I've got some pretty strong words in my coverage of this one, so be warned! And finally, I cover the FIFTH ANNUAL ILDM THANKSGIVING BASH held in rural Freeport...a show which is getting bigger and better by the year! You can check  out all the fun in the Concert Review section HERE!
The most recent Torture Chamber entries are as follows:
HALFORD                                                                                  "Made of Metal"
PHOBIA                                                                                    "Unrelenting"
ACID WITCH                                                                             "Stoned"
THERION                                                                                  "Sitra Ahra"
WOE                                                                                        "Quietly, Undramatically"
AGATHOCLES                                                                            "This Is Not a Threat, It's a Promise!"
Coming soon: interviews with SHEAVY, MELECHESH, OCEANO, WITHERED and BERT I. GORDON, plus a new Wormwood Files!