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posted Jul 5, 2016, 4:22 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jul 5, 2016, 4:23 PM ]


It's been a while since the Fair Sex has dropped into Wormwood Laboratories (and I can kinda understand why) but we fell off the wagon in a big way this week. Wormwood's military madman SGT. DETH was lucky enough to get the legendary LITA FORD into his foxhole for an exclusive chat! Lita talks about many subjects of interest, such as how she keeps her voice intact, what her favorite guitars are and how she manages to get in and out of those tight leather outfits! Plus she tells a story about her collaboration with some guy named EDWARD VAN HALEN! You can check out all the details HERE!

A pleasant trip into the depths of the Wormwood Torture Chamber is also on tap. This week, OCTOPI MILLS compares an artist to a flat mummified cat found inside a reclining chair! Plus more knee-slapping hijinks...

DESTROYER 666                                                         "Wildfire"

COUGH                                                                     "Still They Pray"

CENTINEX                                                                 "Doomsday Rituals"

CONNY OCHS                                                             "Future Fables"

GOATESS                                                                  "Purgatory Under New Management"

CONQUEST                                                                "Under the Influence"