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posted Jun 14, 2016, 4:42 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jun 14, 2016, 4:52 PM ]


Time to fly through the wormhole to learn about Chicago's NUCLEUS, who combine death metal with sophisticated science fiction to create an otherworldly sound. These metallinauts have been stirring up a lot of comment with their debut album "Sentient" so it was time for Dr. Mality to speak to Nucleus mastermind DAVE MUNTEAN. The result is a unique chat that covers subjects like the SF works of Frank Herbert, the art of the renowned Dan Seagrave, technical vs. primitive death metal, artificial intelligence and dystopia and one of the best "Spinal Tap" stories to come down the pike in a while. Expand your mind by entering the realm of Nucleus HERE!

More news to report! The one and only SGT. DETH went to the front and has come back with an interview of one of the most influential and beautiful women in hard rock, none other than LITA FORD! Something else you can look forward to here at Wormwood, along with interviews of former BOC member JOE BOUCHARD, THE OBSESSED, and LIKE RATS. Plus even more interesting tidbits to tantalize and torment...stay tuned for those!

A big heaping helping of Torture Chamber reviews is now offered for you to sample!

DESTRUCTION                                                  "Under Attack"

ZEALOTRY                                                       "The Last Witness"

ARTILLERY                                                      "Penalty of Perception"

MISS LAVA                                                      "Sonic Debris"

BARBARIAN                                                     "Cult of the Open Grave"

JOE BOUCHARD                                                "The Power of Music"

AHTME                                                            "The Demonization"

WE THE WILD                                                   "From The Cities We Fled"

ENOID                                                             "Exile Aux Confins des Tourments"