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posted Jun 7, 2016, 5:16 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jun 7, 2016, 5:16 PM ]


Time for my annual rundown of the NYDM SPRING BASH held at The Metal Grill in Cuday, WI! This year's report will be a little different because Yours Truly was up there as a vendor for the first time, selling my line of HOT N HEAVY hot sauces to headbangers with a liking for heat. I had to miss some bands because of this, but still got to see a great lineup that included WEHRMACHT, DESTRUCTOR, RUTHLESS and SAVAGE MASTER, amongst others. That was more than enough for me to do my thing, plus also tell tales of the metal characters who inevitably show up to the event. Get the lowdown on the hoedown HERE!

LOTS of news to report this week. DARK STARR tells me he has grabbed an interview with original BLUE OYSTER CULT bassist and now solo artist JOE BOUCHARD! Plus, I can tell you that I talked to DAVE SHERMAN from the reactivated THE  OBSESSED, one of the most important bands in the history of American doom metal! Plus we might have a chat with the most unlikely band to ever appear at Wormwood. I can hardly believe this one myself, and by this time next week, I may be able to spill the beans on it, as well as some other tidbits. Oh yeah, we also have an upcoming interview with members of WEEKEND NACHOS and LIKE RATS, plus a new Wormwood Files! So things are hopping again!

And so they are with the Torture Chamber as well. A far-reaching and eclectic collection as usual...

AMON AMARTH                                                "Jomsviking"

DEVILDRIVER                                                  "Trust No One"

SHIRAZ LANE                                                  "For Crying Out Loud"

CHILD BITE                                                     "Negative Noise"

WYRD                                                            "Death of the Sun"

LUCIFER'S HAMMER                                         "Beyond the Omens"